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Welcome to Blue's Coffee & Tea Co.

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We honor the farmers, lands, and cultures that bring amazing sustainable coffees and teas to the world and help us bring Blue’s to you.
At Blue's, we center our commitment to sustainable sourcing and work collaboratively with our farming and roasting partners to ensure that our products are grown and harvested using practices and technologies that honor the lands and the communities that sustain and cultivate them. We are a certified minority-owned business and proud members of the Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity. Blue's is a community-centered enterprise and seeks to reconnect communities of color here in the District and nationwide to their environmental heritage through partnerships with local farms, community gardens and greenhouses, and environmental projects.
Welcome to the family.
We are coffee and tea lovers. We started this company to share the best coffees and teas we’ve found across the globe with our community. We did it because we know these aromas, flavors, and memories can transform and inspire. At Blue's, we believe a great cup leads to a simple and beautiful moment – joy, inspiration, and a bit of peace. And finding your piece of peace is what life is all about. If you’re here, you’re Blue’s. Welcome to the family.